What is the Scholars Reward Program?

 The Scholars Reward Program allows students to participate in extracurricular activities and stem classes. The scholar will have access to classroom environment throughout the week between the hours of 3:30PM- 6:30PM. This program is meant to be fun and help bring out more of a student's creative side.


How do I sign up?

 Sign up is simple! First you must complete the application for your child (which will help me see what your child needs help with?. Then you have to pay $149 a month or $74.5 bi-weekly which can be paid via paypal. The fee g [Enter link to pay for classes]  After payment is received you will be able to choose the classes, you want to enroll in.  

Is there a discount for multiple kids?

  There is a 10% Multiple student discount. Family Discount $400/mo. No cost for MiSchools Elite students using promo code. For non-members, please register using the online application below, Enroll in class of your choice using the CLC Classes link below and Pay on the Eventbright website.  (Promo code does not apply.) 


What classes can my child sign up for?

How often can my child attend? Your child can attend anytime Monday - Thursday between the hours of 3:30 to 6:30PM